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The Coach

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I am a California native now living in Mableton, GA by way of Lafayette, LA and Houston, TX.

I started powerlifting in January 2012 after working out to lose weight for 2 years with a personal trainer. I invited all of my friends and family to my first meet…and BOMBED on squats and bench.


After sitting in the hall and crying from embarrassment, I went back on the platform and pulled a personal best on deadlift.  I could have quit then, but I was so excited about my deadlift, I took what I learned from the failures at that meet and successfully competed again 2 months later.


I have competed in the APF, AAPF, NASA, USAPL, and now primarily with the USPA and WRPF. I was a state referee with the USAPL, and now I am a national referee with the USPA. I compete in both the raw and classic raw Open divisions at 67.5kg (148lbs) and 75kg (165lbs). In December 2022, I became a USPA Georgia meet director!


My best lifts raw are 446lbs squat, 281lbs bench, and 562lbs deadlift. My best classic raw squat is 529lbs. I am currently ranked in the top 10 in both weight classes of all time.


My most memorable achievements are deadlifting 562lbs raw winning my weight class and 2nd overall at The American Pro in July 2022, and achieving over a 600 DOTS.


I have trained under some of the greatest powerlifters of all time. While competing with my last team, I realized that I really enjoyed working on technical issues with other lifters and wanted to find a home team to train with regularly. One of my biggest strengths is that I am a technically sound lifter. I enjoy helping others when they ask for pointers, and focusing on developing mental strength.


After several suggestions from friends and gym members, I decided to pursue my passion for coaching and building my network in Texas.  Building Relentless Power Systems (RPS) has always been my dream. Through RPS, I work to continue to improve myself and help others achieve their goals. I also work with athletes remotely throughout the United States.


My favorite types of music are R&B, Pop, and Rap/Trap. My favorite meet songs are Push It by OT Genasis, Crush by BeatKing, and Hi Low by JT Money.

Outside of powerlifting, I am an avid makeup junkie and celebrate my PRs with new eyeshadow palettes. I love spending time with my family, my team, and my friends.

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