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About Jessica

I am 37 years old, married with 2 children. I live in Compton, CA. My home gym is Southbay Strength Company in San Pedro, Ca. My favorite colors are red & gold. I'm a LockJaw Sponsored Athlete and I have been powerlifting for 2 years.

How did you get into powerlifting? I decided to pursue powerlifting after becoming extremely bored and frustrated with bodybuilding. After watching a video on Instagram of Kimberly Watford deadlifting over 500lbs, I started googling beginner powerlifting programs. 

PR’s & Competition History: My best lifts so far are 237lbs squat, 154lbs bench, and 342lbs deadlift as of 10/2019. I have completed 4 meets all with the USPA federation.

Music: I listen to R&B, Rap/HipHop, trap, funk and anything in between while training. Music selection depends on the lift and how I’m feeling that day.

Team Expectations: As a member of team RPS, I look forward to meeting new people and building a new family in fitness through powerlifting. I also look forward to learning from other lifters on the team as I progress with my journey. I also look forward to helping grow the team by sharing my progress and journey with others.

Favorite Lift: All of the lifts are my favorite since I have become more familiar with performing and executing technique. I get better each time I continue building on the foundation.

Memorial Moment: The most memorable moment in powerlifting thus far has been spectating a powerlifting meet in person. At the meet, I was able to meet a few of the lifters. One was Barbara Lee, who I had followed on Instagram.

Other Interest: Away from powerlifting, I spend time with my family. I enjoy outings with my husband and children, wrestling with my son and teaching my daughter what I know about powerlifting because she wants to do it someday. I’m also a tech nerd. I enjoy video games, Apple products, and other gadgets.

Favorite Quote: "Be sure that you are following your dreams! Maintain a hopeful spirit that you will indeed achieve what you set out to achieve in this lifetime. You are reaching for a bright star - your own personal star of destiny. Embrace this dream. Live it!"

Future Goals: Squat 225lbs for a set of 10, Bench 135lbs for a set of 10 and deadlift 315lbs for a set of 10. Eventually, I want to open my own gym to help cater to powerlifters of all ages. I see there’s a huge disconnect with reality that children shouldn’t lift weights.

Inspirations & Influences: CT Fletcher, Chris Jones, Barbara Lee, Samantha Calhoun, Stephanie Powell and Brittany Pryor.

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