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About Chrystal

I live in Sahuarita, AZ and I train at LA Fitness and Tucson Strength. I’m going on 3 years of powerlifting. My favorite colors are blue, black, red, purple every color but pink. Favorite cheat meals? Omg what isn’t?! 😆 burgers, donuts, and pizza.

How did you get into powerlifting? I started it because The motivation for gaining strength got me hooked! The powerlifting community in my area is small but the people I’ve met are so encouraging and help motivate each other. A close friend I was referred to try it and we never stopped since then 

PR’s & Competition History: Current PR’s are Squat 265lbs. Bench 175lbs and Deadlift 345lbs. I have competed in 2 USPA meets and 1 RAW powerlifting,  USAPL and UPA federations.

Music: I listen to Hip hop or metal 

Team Expectations: Meeting new people and gaining more strength 

Memorial Moments: Holding 2 records in Raw Powerlifting for bench 164, deadlifts 330 

Other Interest: Eating! 😆 and I love going to the movies 

Favorite Quote: You’ll be fine 😆 when I cry and complain all I think is I’ll be fine and get over it 

Future Goals: Hold a record at nationals for any lift

Inspirations & Influences: I always look at girls that are similar to me cause I think I can be there one day @haparican and @ginahalfwolf are favorites but all time favorite is Dana Lynn Bailey

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