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About Elena

I am from Katy Texas, just your average Jane happy to be living day to day doing everything and anything I love. I’ve been powerlifting officially for 8 months and I train at bona gym. My favorite color is red, my favorite cheat meal is Shrimp Alfredo and Alfredo Pizza.

How did you get into powerlifting? I got into powerlifting when my husband and I were always in the gym just working out and several of our friends encouraged me to get into it. 

PR’s & Competition History: My current PR’s for squat is 316lb, bench is 181lb and deadlifts is 336lb. I’ve done one meet in USAPL but will be switching to USPA.

Music: I listen to a lot of mixture of songs all the way to Whitney Houston,  Ludacris, The Weekend, Fleetwood Mac, Alessia Cara, 90’s R&B, 90’s Rap, and reggeaton.

Team Expectations: I’m looking for to growing and making a family through this amazing sport. I’m looking forward to hit the best numbers I can. 

Favorite Lift: I don’t really have a favorite lift, they all are my favorite at one time or another, however, squats are my most comfortable and confident lift. 

Memorial Moment: Most memorable moment is coming back from a knee injury so soon from my meet and overcoming the odds. 

Other Interest: I love spending time with family and friends, reading a good book, going hiking with my dogs

Favorite Quote: “A soft woman is simply a wolf caught in meditation” and “some days it storms, some days it shines. This is how flowers grow” 

Future Goals: My future goals in this sport is to be more advanced in this sport and go to nationals and one day Worlds. 

Inspirations & Influences: Stacy (Bama) Burr, Gina Aversa Barbara Lee, Stefanie Cohen, and Dani Melo. These ladies are not only physically strong but talk so highly about emotion strength. 

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