About Armando

I’m an IPL world champion in the 275lb open raw division. I started powerlifting in 2013. My favorite color is Red and my favorite cheat meal is pizza.

How did you get into powerlifting? One of my friends who I trained with told me I should compete since I was one of the strongest people in the gym. I signed up started training at the warehouse gym learned that I wasn’t all that strong yet but I learned a lot from everyone around.

PR’s & Competition History: 722 squat 485 bench 683 deadlift 1884 total. I have competed in 13 meets in the USPA and APF.

Music: I listen to metal

Team Expectations: Looking forward to Getting better and having Someone who can push me to my peak potential.

Favorite Lift: Squat it’s what I’m best at.

Memorial Moment: Overcoming almost bombing out at worlds in 2015 and ended up pulling out the win with my last deadlift.

Other Interest: Playing with my dog and enjoying a few beers with friends.

Favorite Quote: “Lift and learn”

Future Goals: Totaling 2000 

Inspirations & Influences: My friends Bill and Cindy taught me the mindset I needed to have to excel in this sport


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